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ARMADA ARV 84 157 +  N L10 ARMADA ARV 84 157 +  N L10
Yeniler -25 %
Marka: Atomic Mevcut: Stoklarda Var
Bu kayağın Bağlama aralığı 306mm yaklaşık en büyük 26 numara ayakkabıya olabilir PERFECT PARK AND PIPE SKI FOR THE START OF YOUR FREESKI CAREERThe Armada ARV 84 was designed especially for young riders and beginners. Its cap construction and reinforced edges let you stand the kicker line securely w..
₺4.485,00TL ₺5.980,00TL
Vergiler Hariç:₺3.800,85TL
Marka: Atomic Mevcut: Stoklarda Var
Atomic Kayak Redster RX A W + M 10GW Red/White (AD5002108080)..
₺4.199,00TL ₺5.200,00TL
Vergiler Hariç:₺3.558,47TL
Marka: Atomic Mevcut: Tükendi
Atomic Kayak Vantage 72 LT AW + Bağlama..
Vergiler Hariç:₺4.067,80TL
Marka: Atomic Mevcut: Tükendi
Atomic Kayak Vantage 75 + M 10 GW Black/Grey (AD5002114080)..
Vergiler Hariç:₺3.809,00TL
ATOMIC KAYAK VANTAGE 79 C + M 10 GW Black/Grey/Red (AD5002106080)
Yeniler Tükendi
Marka: Atomic Mevcut: Tükendi
 VANTAGE 79 C + M 10 GWAASS02730Combining unprecedented power and control for on-piste precision with the agility of an all-mountain ski for exploring off-piste terrain, the Atomic Vantage 79 C is a ski that does it all. Featuring a narrower 79mm footprint, this ski makes effortless turns with ..
Vergiler Hariç:₺6.346,61TL
Atomic Maverick 83R + Bağlama Atomic Maverick 83R + Bağlama
-10 % Tükendi
Marka: Atomic Mevcut: Tükendi
The Atomic Maverick 83 Skis + M10 GW Bindings may be Atomic's entry-level package, but it's no slouch. The crew in Altenmarkt, Austria don't build wimpy skis; this is a legit setup built for progressing skiers, with Atomic's proprietary Flow Profile shaping to help you along. Why spend any more time..
₺4.949,00TL ₺5.499,00TL
Vergiler Hariç:₺4.194,07TL
Marka: Atomic Mevcut: Stoklarda Var
The Atomic Maverick 86 C Skis are a solid upgrade to the long-running Vantage line, with subtle changes designed to improve the versatility of the skis in "North American" conditions (translation: not just perfect groomers). Innovations like Atomic's Flow Profile, tuned OMatic cores, and HRZN tips i..
₺5.599,00TL ₺6.999,00TL
Vergiler Hariç:₺4.744,92TL
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